God’s Story

“Through believing the story [of God], we are drawn in to the action and find ourselves caught up in the saving movement of God.  We learn to “indwell” the story so looking out from within the biblical world with new eyes onto our postmodern lives and world: we stop trying to take the Bible relevant to our lives and instead begin to find ourselves being made relevant to the Bible.  We give up the clumsy attempt to wrench the ancient text into our contemporary world and instead bring our world back into collision with, and cleansing by, the strange new world of the Bible.  Through believing the story, we allow our minds to be continuously renewed by the normative narrative of God… Jesus calls all his disciples away from a faith in which God is available to bless their business into a faith in which disciples are available to God to be a part of his business.  And God’s business is a multi-national company with branches everywhere!”

Philip Greensdale, A Passion for God’s Story: Discovering You Place in God’s Strategic Plan (Carlisle: Paternoster, 2002), 42-43.

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