Beirut and Back

A Reflection upon returning from our church’s mission trip to Dar El Awlad boy home in Beirut, Lebanon.  It, and others, can be found on our trip blog:

“I’ve struggled with putting this trip and its meaning in my life into words.  This is partly because of the joy and love that fills me each time I think of the boys at Dar El Awlad and our time there with them, and perhaps, partly because I wasn’t quite ready to leave!  Nonetheless, reflecting on this trip has brought me to some good places.  There was the main hall where I watched hesitant boys quickly transform into exuberant participants in our daily song and lesson times, where we spent an hour a day prodding them to practice their Math and English, and where we t basketball court, the excitement and happiness they expressed each day, and the heartfelt prayers of each boy whold Bible stories each day to impressionable ears.  I can still hear the excitement in the voice of the boys who recognized those of our team who had returned, the sound of countless footsteps and balls chaotically sharing the enclosedo prayed over a team member as we left.  There were many special side conversations and interactions with the older and younger boys alike that left me with emotions and reactions on every side of the spectrum.

In light of this, it seems quite natural to me, and maybe even most appropriate, that I can’t quite pin down what this trip means for me.  The impact of the Bible stories and devotions we shared, our team travelling there to show these boys the love of God, and the influence that our time at Dar El Awlad will have on the boys their simply cannot be quantified.  But neither can that time and its impact on me.  I don’t know what the future holds for the beautiful young lives there.  I don’t know what’s in store for that city, country, or region, and I don’t know what parts of our time there will be the most formative in their future.  I do know that I find Christ in new and powerful ways in serving and loving these boys, and this continues to transform how I interact with my world.  What I do know is that for two weeks they experienced Christ in me and I, in them, and that is immeasurable.”
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