Month: November 2010

November 3, 2010 / / Uncategorized
Fair Weather Fans...

In recent weeks, I have noticed a recurring theme among people and organizations around me, one which rings true throughout history.  When things are going poorly, or perhaps simply less than expected, people are quite inclined toward change.  In fact, in situations such as this people are very likely to assume that change automatically means improvement.

From sports culture to politics, this theme is evident even in the last few weeks.  When America’s favorite football team produces a season far short of capabilities and expectations, cries for the firing of the head coach begin.  As the season worsens, the murmurings grow into rampant Facebook statuses calling for some sort of drastic change.  One can’t help but think that if things had been going better no one would question a thing.

If your favorite college football team’s quarterback is playing poorly, put in the back up! We love him! Or worse, when an unknown team suddenly emerges, everyone joins the band wagon.  When things go south, the t-shirt fans are much less likely to put on the team colors.  This reality is appears in Scripture, and sadly within the church today as well.